Wander back in time with me

There was a time when I simply did not hunt, a time when I had no desire to be in the woods and even though I might go sit for one or two afternoons each season I really only went because I didn’t want to let my Dad and Uncles down. It was a stretch that lasted for a couple years and one of the worst parts was the fact that I did manage to shoot a deer or two, even though I had no real desire to be there.

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The Twins

Have you ever had a hunch at the last minute and changed your mind about something only to look back at it later and feel like things were predestined to play out the way they did? The signs that opportunity was leaving for you just needed to be followed, some as subtle hints and others more obvious after the fact. As I ejected the third round from my rifle on opening morning I smiled as all of those signs and hints became clear to me. Looking to the sky I said a quick prayer of thanks for the good fortune of a great opening morning in the north woods.

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Eleven and Flat Top

A tale of a first buck and a learning experience.


Trudging along the trail in the dark, shuffling through ankle deep snow at that awkward pace where you are trying to hurry yet don’t want to move too quickly. You don’t want to find yourself drenched in sweat before having to sit for hours in frigid temps, leaving you shivering within minutes. If you’ve ever hunted you’ll know how your mind wanders here and there on those predawn hikes to your stand, the random thoughts and ideas drifting off into the darkness that surrounds you. I don’t remember the thoughts drifting in and out of my mind, though I’m sure at seventeen there were snippets of music, thoughts of girls and the hope that I would at least see a deer that day to make it worth going out in the cold early morning hours when you’d rather be curled up in the warm bed that you dragged yourself out of of less than an hour before.

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Opening weekend adventures-The condensed version

This past weekend was the Deer Season Opener and going into it I was excited but felt like I was going to have the big skunk coming my way. With no vacation for the first year at my new job I was truly just a weekend warrior and felt like I didn’t have enough time to get a deer, plus with snow almost every day I was worried the deer might be bunched up and a little inactive.

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About that possible renovation…

Wow, it has been a long time since I have even thought about this site and the plans I had for it at one time.

Obviously those plans never really worked out, I never took the action that I wanted to and quite honestly my blogging has changed to be more photography centered over the years. Originally I wanted this blog to be a home and community for hunters and fishers and anyone that just enjoys spending time outdoors. I hoped for it to grow to a thriving community with a lot of stories swapped and ideas shared.

Fast forward to today, years after my last post here on this blog…

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Possible renovation

So I am sitting at my desk, lost in the numbness that is the current internet where the evil that is Facebook has come to dominate virtually everything, and I am thinking of some different projects I would like to work on. One is being able to share stories, both current and past, about the outdoors in general. Not just hunting stories, but stories about time spent outdoors enjoying nature in any form. I also have about 30 different photography projects in mind I would love to start, but either don’t know where to jump in or I just don’t have the idea fully developed yet so I don’t want to build something up only to decide later to go in a different direction totally.

One idea I have is to mix the two with a photo that will enhance or tell the story that my written word is portraying in any given post, be it a snowy winter scene in a photograph I have created to accompany a story about sledding as a kid or a great sunset over a lake to partner with a fishing story. Basically I want to be able to either create a photograph to help inspire a memory or create an experience for the written post or have a written post idea inspire the accompanying photograph. I know this isn’t reinventing the wheel by any means, but I think it may be a worthwhile project that is somewhat ongoing, for me to have on the back burner and maybe help me to focus on some of the other projects as well.

I won’t say that it is a promise, but more of a possibility. But trust me, if it happens I will be sure to let you know right away.

This cold December evening has my warm bed calling my name for now though, so until I have some plans finalized have a good evening.